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FOX News
Aug 4, 2011 3:00am PDT
put people back to work. >> it's all mixed in together. i mean, just to talk about what steve was saying there. in the first day after they solved the debt ceiling crisis, they spent -- the u.s. government spent $239 billion. that's 60% of what they're supposed to spend in a week. which is $400 billion. is that scary? the u.s. government is spending $400 billion a week and in the first day, they spent 630%. if you think this debt ceiling debate is going away, it ain't. because that's how much dough they're spending in one day and yet, they're going to talk and get together to cut $1.5 trillion which would kind of be a drop in the bucket. >> before he was elected president of the united states, he was a law professor, does he have the experience to run the bigst economy in the world? fast forward now. here we are. he's the president, we're in economic trouble. eric cantor told "the wall street journal", the president is in over his head. >> when you ask what kind of negotiator he is, to me, it is -- it is not someone who has a grounding in what business is about in this count
FOX News
Aug 2, 2011 3:00am PDT
this but nonetheless, the meter is running. >> certainly is. as the day ticks down. good morning, steve, gretchen and peter. it appears president obama should get out his bill signing pen. he may need it sometime after around noon today to sign new legislation raising the nation's debt ceiling. the house voted 259-161 to pass, to raise america's borrowing limit. immediately $400 billion and then by another $1.5 to $2 trillion over time. while the top senate democrat wasn't making any promises, he suggests that the bill should pass the senate. >> i'm a long time member of congress. and i never count my votes until they're cast. so i'm hopeful but know that the republicans are going to have to produce some votes and we're going to have to produce some votes and i'm not here to declare victory. we have to get this thing passed. >> while it does appear that there is enough bipartisan support in the senate to get it to the president to sign, one of the top tea party republicans in the senate intends to vote against it. and suggests that the $2 trillion in spending cuts and spending caps don't go far
FOX News
Aug 1, 2011 3:00am PDT
idea, steve. i'll try to give you a sense of what's gonna happen today first before we get to the details that we have. the house will meet this morning at 10:00 and they meet again at 12:00 noon for legislative business and they'll have to dispense with several suspension bills before they get to the deal that was worked out of last night. so we expect debate in both houses as early as this afternoon or this evening. as far as the bipartisan agreement that was worked out last night, there's likely to be a lot of dissension within the far right and far left in both houses. let's get to a graphic that has details on the deal that was worked out last night. the debt ceiling is going to be raised $2.1 trillion through the year 2012 under the deal worked out last night. it will cut a trillion dollars right now with a commensurate $800 billion increase in the debt ceiling right now. and then later, a special committee of congress composed of three republican house members, three democratic house members, three republican senators, three democratic senators will work out another
FOX News
Aug 9, 2011 2:00am PDT
't worry, he says he has a plan. steve? >> what is it? meanwhile, london is burning. the city erupting into flames overnight as violent riots grow for a third straight day. latest details moments away. "fox & friends" up early on this tuesday starts now. >> hey, this is boone pickens. you're watching "fox & friends." great show. watch it every morning. >> thank you very much for that endorsement and good morning, folks. we are up 5:00 a.m. eastern here in new york city. good morning to you, eric. >> good morning, steve dooszy. i got to tell you last night, i was here until 11:00 watching the markets. it's something very scary going on. around 10:00, the markets were down 100 points. it looks like there was no bottom at sight. we went 350 points lower at one point last night atop of that number right there. 634. literally 1,000 points for the day at one point. we closed the market and closed the show down and we woke up this morning and somehow, we have a little bit a bounceback. >> a little bit. >> a little bit of a bounceback. >> people are wondering about the asian markets and euro
FOX News
Aug 8, 2011 3:00am PDT
a minimum, steve. >> absolutely. nikkei index finished down something like 2%. right now, i was looking at the european stock market and, you know, it's pretty much down one, two, almost 3%. and the dow right now is down, what, 238 points right now as we speak. so it's really moving lower. >> that's not good for us. for more reaction, let's go to fox news reporter jennifer davis joining us live from our d.c. bureau. good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. all eyes on the global markets today to see how they react to news of this s&p downgrade. u.s. stock futures have tumbled. asian markets down. what's going to happen on wall street? that's the million dollar question today. the news from s&p came after those markets had closed on friday. downgrade going from triple a status down one notch to double a plus. s&p says this is a reflection not only of the political gridlock in washington and fact that the ratings agency doubts whether or not lawmakers can come together to work this problem out but also about the fact that they say that debt ceiling deal last week didn't cut enough. s&p
Aug 8, 2011 5:30am EDT
bring in steve, live in london. how do the markets look, steve? >> very good day to you. if you're along these markets it's another torrid start. the asian markets fell over 2% earlier on today, 2.2% was the mean for the lacks of the hang seng and nikkei was down by a similar margin. they were down again. after having rallied. the london market, blue chips down 1 1/2%. germany, the market down 2.1% but the future of the u.s. indices are showing more negativity. the dow futures showing 2.1% lower and the longer context the dow is down 10% in the last two weeks. >> so germany down 2.1%, the futures down here. how much of this, steve, do you think is because of the s&p downgrade, the white house has attacked the s&p saying this is meaningless and got their math wrong but how is everyone reacting. >> we must not forget the s&p warned us back in april they could do this. the market was well prepared for what they were about to do regardless of the politics back in washington. the fact remains though this isn't just the u.s. debt crisis. it's also about what is going on in europe. not about gr
Aug 12, 2011 4:30am EDT
to find common ground in their criticism of president obama. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: only republican candidates in the fox debate in iowa saved their best shots for president obama. >> our president simply doesn't understand how to lead. >> and the message is this. you are finished in 2012. >> reporter: mitt romney in iowa for the first time since may got heckled. >> look, obama-care was patterned after the mitt plan in massachusetts. >> reporter: fighting to keep his campaign alive tim pawlenty pronounced no more timidity. >> her record is nonexistent. >> people are looking for a champion. they want someone that's fighting sdwroosh if that's your view of effective leadership, please stop because you're killing us. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry made clear he is going to run. perry's move mocked by a fellow texan. >> i'm pleased he is coming in because he represents the status quo. >> you raise your hand. >> reporter: all the debaters did agree to oppose tax hikes, but this has been the most contentious debate. saturday comes the iowa straw poll that is sure
Aug 20, 2011 6:30am PDT
to it. elsie granderson, a columnist and steve perry an education contributor. the latest act scores show only one in four high school graduates is ready for college. the test used for college admissions shows only 66% of the 2011 class met the benchmark for english. 45% for math. 30% for science. so steve, do these figures accurately reflect student preparedness? >> it absolutely does reflect how prepared students are because if it were the a.c.t. in and of itself we may be able to write it off. at least one third, one third of children going into college are taking remedial classes. in addition to that, we can look at the state standardized examinations in addition to some of the internationally normalized standardized examinations and what we're finding is that american students are simply not prepared for college. >> elsie, as students prepare to go back to school, many teachers are not, brutal budgeting season this summer has left most of america in pretty education dire straits. at least 34 states and district of columbia cutting aid from k to 12 schools, worse for highe
Aug 4, 2011 7:00am PDT
." >>> let's check in with steve. >>> we have a rip-roarin' sea breeze, 25, 30 miles an hour through the delta. temperatures really held check. a lot of 50s. let's go to sal. >>> traffic is moving along very nicely as you head out to the macarthur maze. the mist has not been as much of a problem as we might have thought. we haven't seen too many fender- benders. we're also looking at interstate 880. there have been a few minor ones but for the most part, we're off to a good start. back to the desk. >>> thank you. new this morning, there are indications that the two uc berkeley graduates detained in iran may be detained soon. the judge promised a verdict in their case sometime this week. just hours ago, return's ambassador told "the associated -- iran's ambassador told" the associated press "he expects them to be released. the three hikers were arrested accused of spying. sarah shourd was released on humanitarian grounds about a year ago. >>> a fire started at a home on alturo place around 3:00 this morning. fire started in the garage which had been converted to a bedroom. when fire c
Aug 5, 2011 7:00am EDT
for being with us. steve, over to you. >> we will check with the fox video tape. two buys armed with an adult, it happened because a woman spanked her child and that's all coming up at 7:40. stay tuned. !z . >>> all right, here is the deal, you have only until today to feed your family and we are talking a $10 credit for a pizza, you can find a link on our home page. you can use that credit in any of their locations in the food truck or the stands around national park and again look for the link on >>> in virginia, this means you will not have to pay the sales tax on school supplies and clothing. items like notebooks will be tax-free and loss as -- long as $20 or less and the tax holiday runs sunday. >> you pay a price down the road. but -- >> particularly we all get our electric bill in a couple of days. let's get to the numbers in reagan national 73 degrees right now. and generally refreshing temperatures overnight, salisbury 66, opening up for you nothing too extreme for you up to the north new york city is 71 and we are 68 in detroit. all in all it should
Aug 10, 2011 7:00am EDT
will stay with us for awhile should be nicer on this wednesday morning glad you are with us i am steve >> i am tony perkins in for alison it is a nice day. tucker barnes keeping his eyes on the forecast and tell us more about the weather ahead. >> yeah, you already saw in the live shot less has and humidity. that is really the bright spot it will be a nice day high temperatures back in the 90s. take humidity out of the equation in washington in august, should be a great looking day. conditions out there a few clouds flowing through mostly a sunny start should be a beautiful day a series of weak cold fronts will come through during the day. the first one will dry us out and the second one should cool us down later tonight and during the day tomorrow good looking forecast next couple days temperatures regan national, the warm spot, 77 degrees, dulles 68, fredericks burg, 70 and forecast for today, yeah, here is your planner should be a good one lots of sunshine we will go with warm, less humidity will feel better, highs by 4:00 p.m. low 90s. it will be dry so no need to bring an umbrella. >>
Aug 8, 2011 2:05am EDT
going to talk about his caddie. his former caddie steve williams, who was fired not that long ago. rather unceremoniously, one might argue, after being with tiger woods for about 11 years. this weekend the bridgestone invitational took place where tiger has had a lot of success. he was not with his caddie, steve williams. in fact, steve williams was with adam scott who you see on the right. guess who won. yeah, not tiger woods. adam scott won. >> there's some justice in there. >> poetic justice here. there are those saying steve williams is a bit of a sore winner. he's sort of bragging a little bit about all of this, gloloing that fortunes have turned in his favor. >> hard not to do if you are fired. >> tiger woods finished 37th in this tournament. so his fortunes not doing so well. >> maybe the caddie brings the luck. >> some advice, you never know, caddies can make a difference. >> as we know, charlie sheen's character is no o ng over "two and a half men." ashton kutchch all set to take over. now we have the details how they got rid of charlie's character. apparently he will hav
Aug 3, 2011 6:00am EDT
buchanan in washington. joining the table right now, though, finacier, steve. >> we've been hearing a lot over the past couple of days, a lot of democratic senators, commentators, some op-ed people telling us so much in slashing spending children will be kicked out of schools, parents will have to be feeding their children pine cones and wild berries. you got a chart. this is serious. it's unbelievable. they cut so much. i guess all of our long term debt problems are taken care of. >> well you guessed wrong. let's take a look at what actually happened. so they did cut or were going to cut $2.1 trillion often years, back loaded and so on. this is a chart we looked at a couple of weeks ago. if you remember back in 2000 we had a surplus because tax revenues were 20.5% roughly. spending took off. you can see in the middle of that chart. spending at 28.1%. if we had done nothing -- >> for people at home the red line is the spending. the blue line is the revenues and they are going in the wrong direction. >> they are going in the wrong direction. let's look at the two top red lines. two top re
Aug 17, 2011 5:00am EDT
. nbc's steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: on his campaign style swing through the midwest. >> you look very trust worthy. >> reporter: president obama was in iowa, the state that put him on the path to the white house in 2008. the path rick perry hopes he's on for 2012. the texas governor was in iowa, targeting barack obama. >> now, mr. president, you tried now for 2 1/2 years of government creating jobs. >> reporter: he brags about his jobs record. texas unemployment is a point lower than the u.s. average. oil companies are profitable, tax revenue has not dropped in texas, and in fact almost all of new texas jobs are government jobs. some call perry reckless. he's standing by this charge against the federal reserve. >> printing more money to play politics at this particular time in american history is almost treasonous in my opinion. >> reporter: the president hosted an economic forum. >> we're going to make it easier for people in rural areas looking for work to find out about companies that are hiring. >> reporter: mitt romney was in new hampshire talking jobs. >> i spe
Aug 2, 2011 4:30am EDT
giffords making a return to the capitol to cast her vote. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: finally a bipartisan debt deal through the house. >> the bill has passed and without objection. >> reporter: 174 republicans and 95 democrats voting yes, including democrat gabby giffords, back on the hill for the first time since being shot in the face in january. burned out lawmakers finally had something to applaud. [ applause ] >> reporter: many in congress heat the debt deal. >> but default for the united states of america is not an option. >> reporter: even in some in the tea party voted yes. >> it's not perfect, but it takes us down that first step to start getting out of this. >> reporter: the compromise plan would cut about $1 trillion in spending right away and form a new bipartisan super committee to find another $1.5 trillion in savings by november. senate liberals are outraged at the first round cut in social programs. >> we can do that, but we simply can't ask one more dollar of shared sacrifice from the millionaires and billionaires. >> reporter: democrats think they'll win tax
Aug 3, 2011 4:30am EDT
-a rating, and the final details of the debt deal are still unfinished. nbc's steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: 11 hours before the deadline -- >> senate will come to order. >> reporter: the debt deal passed the senate easily. >> the yeas are 74, and the nays are 26. >> reporter: republicans celebrated. they say they won. >> the spending spree may actually, actually, be coming to an end. >> spend, spend, spend to cut, cut, cut. >> reporter: disrespondent democrats just got no default. >> almost everything else about this deal stinks. >> reporter: there's no new revenue, no tax hikes. >> for billionaires and multimillionaires to not be contributing to the arrangement we just made. >> reporter: president woim who signed the better averting default vowed to get the tax hikes that democrats demanded and do it this year. >> everyone is going to have to chip in. that's only fair. >> reporter: part of the debt deal is the super committee. 12 lawmakers who by december will virtually dictate deeper deficit reductions. president obama says that will require revenue hikes. >> reforming our t
Aug 10, 2011 4:30am EDT
monday, bargain hunters pushed markets to finish with impressive gains. steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: the stock markets were bouncing back the day after the big drop as federal reserve policy makers met in washington and decided against new intervention. the fed will keep interest rates super low as a stimulus for two more years and not buy more u.s. bonds. >> the fed is out of bullets. anything additional it can could has a marginal consequence. >> reporter: hearing a negative economic prediction, the markets dropped. >> thank you for coming out. >> reporter: in iowa tea party republican michelle bachmann blamed president obama for the crisis. >> president obama and the politicians have almost doubled the national debt in five years. that's why they're in trouble. >> reporter: democrats slammed the gop solution. much deeper spending cuts. >> you cannot balance the budget of the united states with 9 million to 14 million unemployed people, period. >> reporter: standard & poor's new york office, a plane flew a banner. thanks for the downgrade. you should all be fired. the
Aug 10, 2011 6:00pm EDT
too opted for the high road. >> sent steve a nice text after completion of play congratulating him on his wean. >> i'm not going to speculate on steve. those are his feelings and his emotions obviously and his decision to say what he wants to say. >>> finally tonight high school football teams starting to scrimmage. the team in black here in california celebrating their victory. all number 17 wants a piece of the celebration so he comes diving in and gets...think about diving into one of those piles you've got to make sure the pile is there -- >> going to catch you. >> yes. >> ouch, ouch, ouch. that's it for us much the cbs evening news is next. derek will see you at 7 p.m. have a great night. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
Aug 1, 2011 7:00am EDT
cam. it is august 1st, 2011 thanks for being with us i am steve. >> i am alison. it is like the summer is just gone. >> how did you like july? hot enough for you? >> yeah. >> tony can back that up. >> yeah, hot july hot start in august, july officially the hottest month on record for washington dc, if you were here for the month you know that could be the case we will talk about that later on we are getting off to a warm start your satellite radar, we have quiet conditions across the region a little bit of haze as you saw from our live shot other than that skies are clear a lot of sunshine clouds will come through later associated with a couple showers and thunderstorms that will pop up here and there most of you won't get that activity current temperature 75 degrees, in the nations capitol, baltimore 72 degrees, dulles, 70, fredericks burg, 72 and frederick maryland 64 degrees. mostly sunny, hot, highs again above normal upper 90s a stray thunderstorm this afternoon or evening that is a look at what is happening. now an update on traffic. >> all right tony a lot is happening on the ro
Aug 8, 2011 6:00am EDT
, mark halprin and economic analyst steve rat ner. thank you for changing your plans. in washington, pat bu can nan is joining us. willie is on his way in. so much to talk about. >> saturday morning, when we talked about this later at my daughter's birthday party. both of us looked at the horrifying news of saturday morning coming out of afghanistan. coupled with the sp downgrade. as a young girl, back in 1979 when so many things were hitting at one time. it was, i really can't think of another time in my lifetime where i woke up and saw a couple things hitting like that and i don't want to say questioned america's place in the world but certainly thought we lost our way. >> a bleak feeling. we are going to talk about the unspeakable loss in afghanistan coming up and why, when and when it will become a central part of the political conversation when we talk about campaigns. when it will be front and center of the issue. i don't know when but i'm hoping soon. >> you, let's talk for a second about 1979. if you said, when you read the papers that morning that you had this -- it almost took
Aug 10, 2011 4:00pm PDT
, steve carlson is facing murder charges. the two were classmates. vic lee is live with reaction from those who remember carlson from school. >> steve carlson appeared in juvenile court here for a detention hearing. that is synonymous with an arraignment in adult supreme court. it's rather strange for a 43-year-old man to appear in juvenile court but remember, the crime, the murder committed when he was only 17. now, seems like a lot of former foot hill high school students remember this case and remember him. some of them came here to court to see what's happening and they all told us they had strong suspicions about him. >> it was something about him from elementary school to junior high to high school. he was mean. he was a bully. he has this odd way about him z just... people feared him. >> i do hope that it's very short. and that they have found perpetrator and we can actually put some closure to this. >> 43-year-old steve carlson charged with murdering tina fails april 15th, 1984. the 14-year-old killed while walking home from foothill high school, stabbed numerous times and lef
Aug 12, 2011 5:30am EDT
because he won't make the cut. steve stricter is your leader at seven under. finally, we've held you in suspense long enough. nfl preseason last night, a welcome sight. the eagles are locked and loaded to make a run at the super bowl. michael vick connected with brent celek for the only touchdown of the game. form get the quarterback controversy between orton and tebow in denver, the go ahead touchdown later in the fourth. the cowboys marched down the field, steve mcgee to duane harris. dallas down. mcgee scrambled and found martin rubbingr in the end zone. what a finish, only the preseason. cowboys won it 24-23. that's your look at sports. jonathan back to you. >> fred roggin, thank you so much. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," iowa's ames straw poll is just a day away, the candidates have their final word. now how will the voters respond? we'll talk to an all-star panel in just a few minutes. >>> and when we come back here, we'll gather around the water cooler to reveal the must-see moments from last night's debate. "way too early" will be right back. chronologica
Aug 3, 2011 5:30am EDT
don't feel a thing. it feels solid. it feels stable. no pain. steve and i have had an amazing run. stevie is a hell of a caddy. no denying that. he's helped my career. and i think i helped his as well. we've been -- we've had a great partnership for 12 years, maybe more than that. won a bunch of tournaments. i felt it was time to change things up a bit. >> steve williams was most surprised by tiger's decision. red sox and indians at fenway last night. youkilis home run into the seats above the green monster. game tied at two. to the bottom of the ninth. jacobi ellsbury delivers a line drive to center field, jarrod saltalamacchia hustling around trying to score from second. great slide by the boston catcher. red sox win it on a walk-off. that was a walk-off win in the ninth. 3-2 is the score. yankees also won. still a game behind the sox in the a.l. east. >>> cardinals and brewers, good game. dangerous pitch. oh. drilled albert pujols in the hand. he would shake it off and stay in the game. that scares you. that was the head, actually. cardinals retaliate coming inside on ryan brau
Aug 14, 2011 7:00am EDT
was steve forbes and in 1995, the winner was bob dole. a look at the campaign calendar -- the announcement of governor perry officially in the race and next up is the florida republican holding a debate in a straw poll that will take place in late september, 22-24. the iowa caucus is set for september 26 next year and that will be followed by the new hampshire primary on valentine's day. julie, republican line, lake erie, illinois, go ahead. caller: i would like to know why cspan missed the first three people yesterday. they totally mr. ron paul as being second. there was so much enthusiasm in iowa for ron paul. we need to get out of this war kand bring our money home to the united states and take care of our debts here. host: he was listed as a close second to rep michelle bachmann. the minnesota republican got 4823 votes. brownstone, mich., welcome to the conversation. caller: i have two little comments to make. everybody is talking about health care and we will get health care and we have to pay for health care. i want somebody to think about something -- i am social security disabled a
Aug 4, 2011 9:00pm PDT
enforcement should do its job. san mateo county district attorney steve fichlt we don't need a law to tell us what to do and who is reliable and not. for that reason it limits da discretion on who they can call as a witness. >> new law takes effect next year. 17 other states have similar restriction on jail house informant. vick lee, 7 news. >>> this was supposed to be our one day cool down but him if alluding to the fact that might not be the case. >> probably warm-up slightly tomorrow but not a lot. one day cool down actually turn out to be several day cooler than the afternoon for this time of year. very unaugust like. live view from the high definition roof top camera. looking back at some of the downtown area of san francisco and you can probably see the mist in the air there. we have a rather prominent marine layer advancing from the coast across the bay locally inland and bringing moisture and drizzle over tonight last tonight and this morning could be a little bit more. tonight probably not so much as last night. these are the rainfall total from his this morning. 17 $100 of
Aug 11, 2011 11:00pm PDT
is heochk to play in round two. he a even par 70. the man to catch steve stricker to a 63 tied the lowest score, he leads by two shots. >> giants had night off they are in florida without carlos beltran. he had a cortisone shot that did not help his wrist. >> cliff pennington, and eric, look out for that wall. it ain't going anywhere. two-run double and conner jackson, meet the wall again. we'll have an updated for him. a's built a 6-0 lead and cruise to a victory. los gatos and puerto rico in the world series. this game was over pretty early. bruce doubled home. austin gabor with a two-run bomb los gatos wins the world series championship, 17-7. >> "nightline" is up next. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. we'll see you again here tomorrow. bç you can see
Aug 4, 2011 4:00am PDT
game. and finally what do bill gates, steve jobs and mark zuckerberg all have this common? they top gq's list of worst dressed men in silicone valley. >>> good-bye to a football hero who became a movie star. hello to a pie in the face. and walk off winners in bean town. >>> plus, a mexican striker teaches a thing or two to europe's soccer champs. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> our record-setting heat wave continues in the east coast but the west coast is enjoying a great summer. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> well, a very good morning to you. if you are just waking up, this is "early today." >>> in sports alex rodriguez is known for his hollywood lifestyle off the field, but a-rod's tinseltown ways may have finally caught up with him. here's mario solis with a look at all of your sports headlines. >>> hi there. good morning. the yankees' alex rodriguez is no stranger to controversy, and now you can add gambling to the list. major league baseball is looking into allegations that a-rod took part in illegal underground poker gam
Aug 3, 2011 5:00am EDT
on chris matthews, he asked steve israel what he thinks of the debt deal and how it will play out for congressional members returning to the homefront for the next month. >> is it a great deal? no. but it's a done deal. these members of congress are going home, going back to their districts, and we will hold them accountable. >> most of what goes on in the hill, not most, i shouldn't say that what goes on on the floor is transparent. i saw happy faces on the republican side. boehner looks relieved, you guys are hanging heads, you're bowed down. i don't see the physical manifestation of a happy democratic party. am i missing something? >> who can be happy when you are in negotiation with people who said they are willing to destroy the economy of this country and pull it over the cliff. they may think they're happy on the floor but they're going home to their district and we're giving them an accountability august. we will ask them to defend the indefensible. i don't know what the weather service is saying about the temperature in august, but for these republicans it will be very, v
Aug 5, 2011 4:30am EDT
. you may recall a kwchl weeks ago tiger fired his long-time caddie steve williams. well, now williams has paired up with adam scott, and scott is playing like the tiger of old. he is your leader after the first round at eight under. perhaps williams is a good luck charm. >>> the san francisco 49ers have signed wide receiver braylon edwards to a one-year contract. he caught seven touchdowns with the jets last season. >>> baseball, the cardinals molina has been suspended five games for a tantrum on tuesday night. he argued about the strike. he needed some goggles and a shower cap while listening to molina. >>> the game, a seesaw battle between rays and blue jays. toronto takes the lead in the tenth, and tampa ties it in the bottom of the eighth with a jennings homer. they exchange a pair of runs in the 11th. then in the 12th the rays finally end it. one squeezed through the hole. in comes the winning run. rays walk off with a 7-6 win. move over red sox. you got some company atop the al east. the yankees beat chicago 7-2 setting up a weekend series in boston with first place on the line.
Aug 12, 2011 4:30am EDT
-year-old steve stricker has the lead after some great approach shots and even better putts. he tied a tournament record with a 63, 7 strokes under par. tiger woods had his worst ever round in the tournament. he finished with a 77, 7 over par. if he doesn't make the cut today, he will not be eligible for a pga event for six weeks. >>> when we return another look at this morning's top stories. >>> and the dougherty gang gets their day in court. one of many the three siblings could face in three different states. by unleashing a complete killing force against fleas and ticks. and not just adult fleas. what makes frontline plus complete is that it breaks the flea life cycle killing adults, eggs and larvae. and it keeps killing fleas and ticks all month long. that's why it's the #1 choice of vets for their pets, and yours. unleash a complete killing force in every dose of frontline plus. summertime is now a happy time. when we can eat what we want and sleep soundly through the night. prevacid®24hr prevents the acid that causes frequent heartburn, all day, all night. >>> on the "cbs morn
Aug 4, 2011 4:00am EDT
game. facebook will give advertisers more access. finally, what do bill gates, steve jobs, and mark zuckerberg all have in common? they top gq's list of worst dressed men in silicone valley. >>> good-bye to football hero who became a movie star. hello to a pie in the face. and walk off winners in bean town. sfwlirchlgts plus, a mexican striker teaches a thing or two to europe's soccer champions. your early morning sports headlines are straight ahead. >>> it's a little too early to be planning your weekend, but as far as the weather goes, emily could be a concern. your forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> in his first homer of the season. who needs a-rod? yankees win 18-7. another day, another homer for the indians jason. it's just his fourth of the year, but he has hit all of them in the game. that's a good average. jacobyelsbury has a good thing going. won tuesday ae game with the single, and this one with the sole yoi shot. red sox beat the indians 4-3. former nfl star and actor bubba smith passed away yesterday. he was the top pick in the 1967 draft, and also
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